Prayer & Community Life

Untitled1“Above all, live in harmony with one another having one mind and one heart intent on God – it is for this that you have come to live together in community”  – St. Augustine

Our Founder wanted the Assumption to be especially modern without rejecting the centuries old tradition of the common life. For this reason he gave us the Rule of St. Augustine – a rule that places great emphasis on community life and which, together with our Rule of Life, maps out for us the road we want to travel together.

Our community life draws its sense from the very heart of the Trinity, the community of love. We strive within a prayerful community to live a fraternal life characterised by simplicity, honesty and cordiality. With mutual trust, we share our joys, our worries and our spiritual riches.

Prayer and the Spiritual Life

“If you are asked what your Spirituality is, just say you are Catholic but Catholic in the broadest sense of that word – you will find it’s the rarest thing on earth.” Emmanuel d’Alzon

Fr. d’Alzon wanted “no frills” in terms of our Spirituality. It can be captured in a few words: “The love of Our Lord, of the Blessed Virgin, his Mother, and of the Church, his Spouse.”

We pray the Divine Office together three times and consecrate an hour to silent prayer. This, together, with the Eucharist constitutes our daily prayer together. Our apostolic contemplation welcomes and celebrates God’s action in the life of His people and presents to the Lord the needs of humanity We meet regularly for spiritual reflection, Eucharistic Adoration or discussion.

Each month we spend a day in Recollection and each year a week in Retreat –these are times to regain and intensify our life of intimacy with God.