Our Vision & Missions Today

“For the love of our Lord Jesus Christ”

What Fr. d’Alzon called in the 19th  century called the “conversion of schismatics”, we have contextualized over the years by “ecumenism” and “inter-religious dialogue.”

The three great causes which bring the Assumption together are:

  • Proclaim Truth
  • Manifest Love
  • Restore Unity

“What foolishness to dare this with a handful of poor girls! …God uses all sorts of means and will use even you” (Emmanuel d’Alzon to the first Oblates)

Adaptability has always been one of the marks of the Oblates. Having been sent initially to teach and encourage relationships with the Easter Churches, the Russo-Turkish War of 1877 brought in its wake famine and disease. Soon the Oblates were in charge of 200 war orphans, besides running hospitals and dispensaries. And so the story continues to this day: We mold our work so as to fit the needs of the local Church and the culture in which we find ourselves.

From our earliest days, too, for example there were Sisters who wore a religious habit and some (those working in the Media) who did not – In order words, if it served the coming of God’s Kingdom, we wore a religious habit, if it proved an obstacle to the Kingdom, we adapted accordingly – the only value being the Gospel.

From the beginning the Eastern Mission was not exclusive: the missionary perspective encompassed the whole world.  In a letter to the early Sisters, he wrote: “My daughters, you will go beyond the seas”. Since the beginning, we have worked alongside the Assumptionist Brothers in Media and Publishing – a field where we still work today.