Our Eastern Missionary Journey

150 years ago

“May your Kingdom come!”

Peter and Andrew Bulgaria Painting lessons

1 - The call of the Church

2 - The foundation of the Oblates of the Assumption

3 - The first years in the Eastern mission : 1868-1880

4 - The Eastern mission in the XXth century

The Fathers and the Oblates today in the Eastern mission.

“Thy Kingdom come!”

Father d’ALZON proposed this motto to Mother Eugénie as a motto for her congregation. He found it in the Constitutions of the sisters of Marie Thérèse who were working in Nîmes at the Refuge, and later on, he thought it was the best simple motto his Assumption could have. So he gave it to the two congregations he founded : the Augustians of the Assumption and the Oblates of the Assumption. Little by little, it became the motto of the whole Assumption family. This motto “Thy kingdom come” was joined to the basis of his spirituality :

“For the love of our lord Jesus-Christ.”

He writes in our Directory : “We must love Jesus-Christ and all he loved : the Virgin Mary, his mother, and the Church, his spouse.”That explains the adventure on which he sent his Brothers and Sisters, an adventure we refer to in our Assumptionist language as : “The Near Eastern Mission”.

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