Our Prayer Life

 Amerique latine

“The love of Christ urges us on” 2 Cor.5,14.

•   Consecrated to God, Jesus Christ, loved above all, gives meaning to each of our lives and also to our communities.
•   Our missionary life is rooted in Prayer, Liturgy and especially the Eucharist.

(Rule of Life)

For an Oblate of the Assumption, prayer, contemplation in the presence of God is at the heart of our commitment to the service of people.

(Rule of Life)

We consecrate one hour to silent prayer each day:
•   To praise God
•   To allow ourselves to be transformed by Jesus Christ
•   To recognise Him at work in the world
•   To be able to proclaim Him
We pray the Divine Office together Daily Mass and Eucharistic Adoration is a normal part of our Prayer Life To intensify our spiritual life, each month we have a Day of Recollection and a week of Annual Retreat.

Prayer and the Spiritual Life

“If you are asked what your Spirituality is, just say you are Catholic but Catholic in the broadest sense of that word - you will find it’s the rarest thing on earth.” Emmanuel d’Alzon.


Fr. d’Alzon wanted “no frills” in terms of our Spirituality. It can be captured in a few words: “The love of Our Lord, of the Blessed Virgin, his Mother, and of the Church, his Spouse.” We pray the Divine Office together three times and consecrate an hour to silent prayer. This, together, with the Eucharist constitutes our daily prayer together. Our apostolic contemplation welcomes and celebrates God’s action in the life of His people and presents to the Lord the needs of humanity We meet regularly for spiritual reflection, Eucharistic Adoration or discussion. Each month we spend a day in Recollection and each year a week in Retreat and #45these are times to regain and intensify our life of intimacy with God.