Zoe’s Story

The Story of a Vocation

 Sr Zoe a Lourdes sistrer

Once upon a time a little girl was born on 8th December in the north of France while the snow still covered the earth with its white mantle. Her parents called her Zoe in thanksgiving for the gift of life. This is how the story of my vocation began, rooted in a happy family life with brothers and sisters where the memory of family prayer before an icon of Christ was normal.
One day while I was still only 11 years old read more.

Catherine’s Story

(interview by Isabelle Vial)


In a clear and confident voice, in early February 2002, Sister Catherine pronounced her perpetual vows and became a member of the Congregation of the Oblates of the Assumption. The following is the story of a “Call from God”.
Out of love for Jesus Christ and of my Brothers, I say “Yes” - the voice resounded in the Church as Catherine Lesage responded in the affirmative to the demands of the Rule of St. Augustine and the Constitutions of the Oblates of the Assumption. The tone of her voice reflected the strength of her encounter with God. read more.

Sr. Maria Zediu’s Story

The Story of a Vocation

 Maria Zediu

Allow yourself to be touched by the Risen Christ

A religious vocation before all else is a personal human mystery of existence. All begins in the heart of God. He calls us to follow Him, as He did with numerous people we know in the Bible. The fact of our vocation is a beautiful one, a serious one, a profoundly deep one; we sometimes need time to become conscious of its grandeur.
This voice of the Lord which resonnated in my ears “Follow Me”, I heard during times of silence and solitude when participating with a group of young people at a Church gathering.

 I am Lord

The silence and solitude allowed the intimate encounter with the Lord to take place; a time in which He awaited a response on my part.
For me the path was long before I responded, before I found the place, the land where the Lord desired my growth. I felt a certain anxiety: “Why me?” read more